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Welcome to Faire's Arty Farty Ambassador Program

Unleash Your Creative Superpowers and Join the Fun!

Are you passionate about the colourful world of art and ready to share your creative journey with the world?

If so, you're in for an exciting adventure as one of our esteemed "Arty Farty Ambassadors.

Why Become an Arty Farty Ambassador?

As a dedicated member of our program, you'll enjoy a host of exclusive benefits:

  • Express Your Artistic Flair: Showcase your unique art style and passion for creativity.

  • Connect and Inspire: Join a vibrant community of like-minded artists and art enthusiasts.

  • Discount Delights: Receive an exclusive 35% discount on any of our workshops.

  • Merch Mania: Be the first to wear, or use, our Arty Farty merch, which you'll showcase in your photos/videos!


What We Ask in Return:

In exchange for these amazing benefits, we kindly request that you:

  • Spread the Artistic Love: Share your workshop experiences on your public, social media channels, instagram, tiktoks and facebook, at least four times a month.

  • Showcase Your Masterpieces: Share captivating photos/reels/tiktoks of your creations and art-filled moments with your friends, family, post on community facebooks pages.

  • Shout From the Roof Tops: Engage in our social media posts, facebook events, share our posts and be our hype guys!


Ready to embark on this colourful journey with us?


Sign up below, detailing your social media following and sharing an example of your unique photo style. 

We can't wait to welcome you into our creative family!

Join the Faire's Arty Farty Ambassadors and let your creativity shine while enjoying exclusive discounts and inspiring the world with your artistic adventures. 

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