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Unleashing you're creativity through process art, creative kits and art supplies

Ever wanted to do an art class or feel the need to create?

Our classes aren't just art classes, we love all things that scratch that creativity bug.

Our focus is on the process, not the end result.  We encourage everyone to spend time creating, in some form, at least weekly. 

It's amazing for your mental health, reducing stress, making friends and most of all injecting
joy into your life!

With studios in Kalamunda or North Perth Studio there's really no excuse.

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what we are best at

Our Classes

Step into our vibrant process art studio, offering a diverse range of classes during term time tailored for all ages and skill levels.

Children aged 1-3 enjoy our Pee Wee classes designed to spark creativity.
Kids aged 5-12 delve into the world of art in our Junior sessions, while teens explore specialized courses to hone their skills further.

For Adults its all about having a go and taking some me time in our engaging weekly sessions. 

With something for everyone during term time, our studios are the perfect place to unleash creativity and foster a love for art.

our favourite art essentials

At Faire and Co process art studio, we believe every celebration is an opportunity for some artistic fun!

So if you're planning your child's next birthday bash our studio offers a unique and memorable party experience for all ages.

Unleash creativity as kids express themselves through painting, crafting, and more, fostering social interaction and boosting confidence.

Explore our vibrant party packages – from themed decorations to interactive art activities – perfect for unleashing your child's creativity and making memories that last a lifetime.

Celebrate with Us!

It's the best one and a half hours of my week.  I walk into the studio and nothing else matters in that time than me, my glass of champagne and what is being created on the page in front of me.

school holidays


Our Brand Values

Creativity is our cornerstone.


We believe in fostering a vibrant community where every individual is welcomed and empowered to explore their artistic potential.


Our commitment to inclusivity, quality, and continuous learning drives us to provide enriching experiences that inspire, uplift, and connect.


Join us in celebrating the beauty of creativity and the joy of artistic expression.

Fairee Tales

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