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encouraging children to get creative supports them in becoming well-rounded individuals.

Art class tends to get shoved to the bottom of the list when you’re in the thick of homeschooling year.  There are other subjects that seem so much more important, plus art is messy and if you aren't creative yourself, can be super daunting.


When you know a little more about why studying art is so beneficial, it just might land higher on the to-do list. And what’s more, you and your kids just might find it to be the best few minutes of your school week!

Studies show that students who study art are four times more likely to be recognized for their academic achievement! Art can boost critical thinking and complex analysis. These vital skills translate into other academic areas in huge ways. There are even studies that show that student and teacher have a better relationship with each other when art is involved.


Homeschool Classes

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arty farty: home schoolers

Focusing on 3-4 projects per term, we encourage the kids to explore their own creative interests, problem solve and utilise different mediums. We believe the kids take away more than artworks and new skills at the end of each lesson. We encourage them to enjoy the process, find solutions that work for them and its wonderful seeing their joy and self confidence grow with each creation they make.


The kids learn rapidly in this nuturing, fun and creative environment, inspiring themselves and each other in the well thought out diverse and instructive lessons.

$250 per term


get crafty: jnrs

We all love making, especially the kids, so we have opened up this Get Crafty: Juniors class for kids who love making and creating and challenging themselves to come up with amazing products. 


Class runs every Saturday from 9:00am - 10:00am and kids get to take their creations home each week. 


Think cardboard construction, jewellery making, slime, potions, hand sewing, puppets etc.

"Wonderful fun. Naomi is so patient with the children and my it's my son's favourite part of his week.  He always walks out beaming saying he's had a great time.".

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