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Looking to dive deep into your art practice?

Need time for yourself ... calm, creative, "me time" to create a statement piece of art for your home or office?

Well Makers Masterclass is for you!  A V.I.P process art session for lovers of art, who would love nothing more than to spend a day in the studio, on their own, getting one on one guidance from our business owner and creative director, Fay Valli.


The Masterclass is for all skill levels, you can create your own project, or we can suggest project ideas, we will discuss this all before you get started so on the day we are ready to get creating.


This session will run for five hours!!!  Just imagine, five hours in the studio completely focused on your art, no outside distractions, just pure motivation to create and enjoy the process.  Need more info, call Fay to chat!


Better with Friends?

Want your friend to join in the fun?  Let's do it, you will each get your own table, focus on your own projects but have the support, laughs and encouragement from your pal - just let us know and we will book you both in at once.  


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