doodling, sketching, making up pranks and hiding whoopee cushions


This pack is for days when you don’t feel like tackling a big project or getting messy! This pack guarantees simple, clean, quiet fun that anyone can do. Grab a pen or pencil and get started doodling. Start with lines, patterns and shapes and then let your imagination go from there.

  favourite pastime:

  • googly eyes

  • googly eye stickers

  • chalk stickers

  • fine point pens

  • gel pens

  • fun eraser

  • graph paper

  • tracing paper

  • stencil sheet

  • lead pencil

  • ink stamp

Fintan, the goofy and easy going, little brother who's attention span isn't really there and will flick his boogers at you if you are annoying him.


drawing booby trap plans for his siblings to trip into.