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sharpening pencils, gardening and travelling


In this age of emails and SMS, there is still nothing more magical and mysterious than receiving a hand-written letter. When everything else is moving at full speed, origami has been calm and slow for hundreds of years (and it teaches geometry, fractions, problem solving, and fine motor skills!). This pack will kit you out ready to make collages, cards, invitations, and letters.

  • paper plates

  • straws

  • tissue paper

  • cupcake cases

  • washi tape

  favourite pastime:

  • assorted papers

  • assorted cardstock

  • cards/envelopes

  • black sticker sheets 

Fyodor is eloquent and clever, loving and thoughtful, the grandad of the group, his passion is poetry and writing love letters to his wife.


using a thesaurus to find rhyming words for his poetry