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2018: The Year of Organisation

So, here at Faire and Co, we normally don't make new years resolutions, but this year, we have named 2018, "The Year of Organisation".

This means organising our lives so that we make the most efficent use of time. Mainly this is due to juggling three kids, two self employed businesses and being part of the school board (still wondering why I nominated myself for this?!?).

I have already organised the bathroom, pantry and linen cupboard, so 2018 was off to a great start.

This weekend in Perth was 37 deg!!! What better way to spend it than getting the old hubster to install my new cabinetry for the home office.

It was all HOMELIFE's fault! I read their article "HOW TO ORGANISE ABSOLUTELY EVERY CUPBOARD IN YOUR HOME" and it was on like Donkey Kong!

I was throwing half our belongings in bags and boxes and heading straight to the Good Sammy's bin. Then I started filing all our paperwork (oops, hadn't done that for a while) and then I had to store those files somewhere.

BACK STORY: Half our home office is renovated, the other half is a total shambles, we have had the cabinetry sitting around for (it feels like three years) a while and so it was only a matter of grabbing a few additional item (obligatory trip to #IKEA, yay) and finishing it off.

So after two days of flat pack construction, #pinterest searching and stationery dreaming, we have a completed office. Still trying to find a home for all those art and craft supplies (three additional boxes were off to the Kalamunda studio this morning) that we keep at home.

Next weekend, it will be painting and decorating and whaaaaa laaaaaa one room will be fully organised! Thank you HOMELIFE.


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