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For the Little Ones

Some of our favourite classes are definitely our Lil Loves and Pee Wee's! We watch them grow from tots and see their progression improving their pencil grip, communication, imagination, scissor skills, pincer grip and all those scrumptious fine motor skills!

Process art provides an amazing opportunity for toddler development in such a fun way. This style of activity allows toddlers to discover new sensory experiences and begin to interact with ideas such as color mixing.

This is because the defining aspect of process art is that it does not focus on the end product, its focus is on the learning experience of the actual art process itself.

So here is our program for Term One 2022 for both Lil Loves (aged walking to 3 years) and Pee Wee's (2.5yrs to 4 years).

You can book for a full term, at a discounted rate, or book your class casually. Either way, your toddler will have a blast! Click on the program below to book your place.


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