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Term One 2022

Okey kokey, Term One 2022, who feels like we blinked and 2021 happened?!?

We have been powering through Term Four and now here is the new timetable for 2022, a few new classes and maybe more to come, but we have a few challenges that we need to sort through before we commit.

Starting 10th Jan, Central Mall is being refurbished and as such, we have no idea as to what to expect, so whilst we are planning to run as per norm, we may have to move studios due to noise, distractions and inconvenience, but we won't know that until works start.

All we know is we are still creating, still having fun, still encouraging creativity and most of all still seeing you guys!

Hit us up with any questions before the 23rd Dec as we go on a nice two week break to spend some time with our families and enjoy the sun.

Faire and Co timetable for Term One 2022
Term One Timetable : 2022


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