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This Valentines Day, lets show love to those people who are heading towards the end of their lives. That may be your parent, grandparent, family friend or elderly neighbour. With 70% of elderly people admitting they suffer from loneliness, isn't it time we made their day brighter?

At FAIRE & Co we have been striving to pull together some Intergenerational Workshops. These workshops are aimed to bring seniors or your elders out of their homes and engage them in arts and craft with you. These sessions allow them to talk about their lives and what they have experienced. You will probably be shocked to at what they tell you.

Few can bring the warmth, I find in your embrace, and little more is needed to bring love than the smile upon your face. You’ve a supply of precious stories, yet still time to wipe a tear, or give us reason to make us laugh, that grow more precious though the years. Please share the moments of your life with me before you go, so I can learn what makes you you, and plant the seed that makes me want to grow.

All too often as people age, their sense of purpose diminishes, they move into aged care facilities and lack purpose. They don’t get out much and therefore don’t have much to talk about.

Imagine living through 70 or 80 years of life, having all those experiences and stories and not being able to share that.

We want you to find someone who may be feeling lonely (even if they don't tell you they are or seem that way) and invite them along to our first Intergenerational Workshop in our studio.

Download our free printable and hand it to your guest for Valentines Day! You can then join us on Sunday morning 25th February in our Kalamunda studio to collaborate with your Valentine. If you can't make it make some time with your Valentine to talk about each other's lives, likes and loves.


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