When Fay embarked on FAIRE & Co, her aim was to re-engage parents and children in a whole lot of colourful mess!  


Initially Fay's passion for colour, fun, mess and smiles started with toddlers and young children however over the past four years Fay has created an inspiring studio which is now filled with people of all ages, making and creating. 


As a mum of three young children and a background in business administration, training and software development, Fay brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas to your next activity.

Fay has a unique ability to engage with children at their level to encourage and support them whilst bringing the best out of each child creatively.  She admits she has a cheeky sense of humour and is slightly nuts which is why our students love her so much!  


creative director of


there is nothing more satisfying than seeing paint and glitter stuck to little fingers accompanied by a beaming smile (even if that smile is the parents knowing that they don't have to clean up the mess)

Fay Valli, Creative Director