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Over the past seven years, we have been growing our concept to a wider audience by presenting workshops at community events, creating interactive school holiday programs in shopping centres and commercial venues, markets, activation spaces at festivals, activating temporarily vacant areas,  wineries and tourist hubs;  and would love to continue growing our reach.


We pride ourselves on creating unique workshops that coincide with your promotions, and ensure that your customers are getting exclusive events they will find hard to experience anywhere else.

So if you are a business, a community group, colleagues or just a bunch of pals who would love to spend some time creating, we can customise an event for you.

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Looking for a creative activity to do with your group, team or for your corporate/community event?


We pride ourselves on creating events with a tonne of creative flair, completely unique to you/your company and all focused around the process of creating!

There is no paint by numbers here, we encourage each individual to delve deep into their imagination and skill set to create amazing arts and crafts that you want to hang in your home.

So grab a group of mates, get in contact below and tell us what you are into so we can customise your event specifically to your vibes.

Prices start from $55 per person, with options to add champagne, grazing boards, more complex projects, longer time frames.

Let's unleash your creativity together!


How you can create with us ...