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allowing your child to express themselves


So many times in art classes, children are boxed into creating something the same as everyone else.  For some children this can really knock their confidence, as they instantly compare their work against the kids sitting next to them.

Our approach is to focus on the process of creating, tapping into each child's uniqueness and allowing them to create a project inspired by what we show, talk about and based on the mediums we are focusing on.

No two projects walk out the same, the colours and shapes are all created by the child, the patterns and details are all determined by the child, it is completely their own design, created based around their skills and imagination.

Our classes are for kids who dont fit inside the box, want to be different to others, want to experiment and certainly dont want an adult interferring in their project.


Junior / Tween Classes


arty farty: jnrs

Focusing on 3-4 projects per term, we encourage the kids to explore their own creative interests, problem solve and utilise different mediums. We believe the kids take away more than artworks and new skills at the end of each lesson. We encourage them to enjoy the process, find solutions that work for them and its wonderful seeing their joy and self confidence grow with each creation they make.


The kids learn rapidly in this nuturing, fun and creative environment, inspiring themselves and each other in the well thought out diverse and instructive lessons.


get crafty: jnrs

We all love making, especially the kids, so we have opened up this Get Crafty: Juniors class for kids who love making and creating and challenging themselves to come up with amazing products. 


Class runs every Saturday from 9:00am - 10:00am and kids get to take their creations home each week. 


Think cardboard construction, jewellery making, slime, potions, hand sewing, puppets etc.