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a class specifically for teens to create whatever they want, however they want


Did you know that art class in high school has a focus on history and theory? Whilst that is definitely important if you want to pursue a career in fine arts, most teens still love creating but not so much the history and theory.  It is why so many teens drop out of art and don't pickup a paintbrush until they are well in their adult years, once they realise how much fun and how beneficial it is for ones mental health.

We have adults, in their 50's, who are so self conscious about creating, as they were taught they were "good" at art, many of whom say they last created in highschool.

Our goal in our teens class, is to allow these kids to create, how they like, what they like, even if it is psychedelic mushrooms or faces with blood dripping from their eyes.

The benefits from creating for teens and their mental health are amazing and if they can spend one hour a week with a pencil or brush in their hand, you will see a marked improvement in their personalities.