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One off workshops for those who can't make our term classes

paint and sip

adult workshops

One off workshops for those who can't make our term classes

There's a heap of Paint & Sip events around these days, you may have been to one before, or wondered if it's something you could do.   Well, trust me when I say, you should definitely join a session and here's why ours are amazing.


Our studio focuses on the process of creating, rather than the end result.  We want everyone to enjoy themselves, without judging their work against the person sitting next to them!


Lot's of art classes are a step by step, paint by numbers type of class, where everyone walks away with the exact same artwork, in the same colours, but ours are not like that!  We want all of our artists to create art they will hang in their home, using colours that fit their decor.  

We definitely guide you through the process of creating, but we encourage you to create what you love, meaning that all projects are completely different.


Being a part of a process art session has so many great benefits, and most of all its fun! Our paint and sip sessions are perfect for date night, girls night, hen's parties, team building, family day's and intergenerational sessions.  So if you aren't sold yet, here are seven reasons why you should try a paint and sip session at Faire & Co.