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  • Why are you different to other art classes?
    The Arty Farty Way, refers to our way of creating. Its focus is on the process of creating and not the end result. We want everyone to inject their own creative ideas and imagination into their work. Our job is to teach students how to use the mediums and shapes to create a finished object and then show them how to create the base of the inspiration project. Once the basic form is complete and painted, artists can then embellish their project with their own flair and imagination. They must still use the mediums discussed and be encouraged to use restraint when embellishing, as not to take away from their base project. We don't want every project leaving to be an identical match, we want each child's personality to shine through their artwork.
  • Why do you take photos in the studio?
    At the Faire & Co studios, we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable, respected, and full of joy. We understand that capturing memories is an exciting part of our creative journey. So, to keep things fun and casual while respecting privacy, we've put together our awesome photo policy. We kindly ask all our students to agree to it and join in the creative fun! ​ Snap with Consent: We believe in capturing smiles, laughter, and those epic art moments, but only with your permission! No sneaky shots here! If you're not feeling the paparazzi vibes, no worries! Just let us know, and we promise to keep our lenses away. ​ Share the Magic: We love showing off our incredible community and all the masterpieces created in our studio! With your consent, we might feature your artwork, smiling faces, and awesome creativity on our social media pages or website. Don't worry, though! We'll make sure to protect your identity and personal information. You're a star, and we'll treat you like one! ​ It's a Snap-tastic Agreement: Before any camera clicks, we'll ask you (or your awesome parent or carer) to agree to this consent form. This form outlines how we plan to use the photos or videos and ensures you're fully aware of the magic we're about to capture. We want you to feel empowered and understand your rights, so take a moment to read and sign it before we say "cheese!" ​ Boundaries Rule: Your comfort and happiness are our top priority. If you're not in the mood for a close-up or prefer to stay behind the scenes, we totally respect that! Let your fellow creative pals know about your boundaries, and we'll make sure everyone understands and supports your decision. ​ Reporting Fun Police: If you ever feel like your photo was taken or used without proper consent, we want to know ASAP! Reach out to our friendly studio management, and they'll launch a top-secret investigation to fix the issue and keep our fun vibes intact.
  • How do I use my gift card?
    Gift cards, either a physical card or online voucher, can be used in the studio/online to purchase retail items, however they need to be manually processed for any class/workshop you may want to attend. To book a class/workshop using your voucher, please email us at with your name, phone number, voucher number and the class/workshop (including studio) you would like to book into. We will also need the person's name and date of birth so we can setup a profile to add to the session (if they haven't attended the studio before). Once we get that information, we can then manually add you to the session and process the payment using the gift card. If there is an outstanding balance that will be emailed to you for settlement prior to the session.
  • Do you have makeup classes?
    If you have booked into a Term Class, we offer makeup tokens if you are unwell. In order to receive a make-up token, you must provide advance notice at least two hours prior to the lesson that you were due to attend via your customer portal or app. We do not accept notifications via phone or email. ​ If you have provided the requisite notice, you will receive a make-up token after you’ve missed the class you were due to attend. It will expire at the end of the term, in which the class that you were due to attend. This is an automated process through our booking system. ​ Make-up lessons can be booked on a self service basis for your customer portal or app. We do not accept make-up bookings via phone or email. Make-up lessons are to be booked a maximum of seven days prior to the class that you desire to attend. Make up lessons are strictly subject to availability. Make-up lessons can only be booked in the same class level as you are currently attending. Make-up lessons are a service that we are happy to offer to our current clients, if you have a make-up token, but are no longer active within our program, you will be unable to redeem your token. Make-up lessons cannot be exchanged for cash credit or other benefits. Make-up tokens are only valid for the term in which you missed the class.
  • Can we join Faire & Co casually?
    You sure can. You need to head to our Casual Pass section of our bookings page, where you will find casual pass, by age group. Once you purchase your casual pass, you then head to your account and select Passes. You then choose the date you are after and the class.
  • What happens if we need to cancel our class?
    We totally get it—life happens, and sometimes plans change. We want to make sure your artistic journey with us is as smooth as a perfectly blended watercolor. So, without further ado, here's our super cool, fun-filled cancellation policy: The 48-Hour Marvel: If you find yourself unable to join our workshop, just give us a shout-out at least 48 hours before the event begins. This magical timeframe allows us to sprinkle some cancellation charm and make sure you get a FULL refund. We spend hours, during the term, planning, testing, scheduling, prepping and training our team to provide you with the most imaginative and unique projects, which is why without the required 48 hours notice, any cancellation after that time will incur the full cost. Artistic Emergencies and Plot Twists: Life can be unpredictable, like a paintbrush with a mind of its own. If an unexpected artistic emergency or a sudden plot twist arises within the 48-hour window, let us know ASAP. We'll put our superhero capes on and try to work our magic to find a solution that keeps your artistic spirit happy. Unfortunately, last minute illness, change of plans, double bookings etc are not deemed emergencies. Breezy Rescheduling: Can't make it to the workshop on the original date? No problemo! With a joyful heart and some coordinating magic, we'll help you find another workshop that fits your schedule better. Just give us a heads-up at least 48 hours before the original event, and we'll whisk you away to another creative adventure. The Covid Curse: In the case where by mandatory lockdown is forced by the State Government of WA, Faire & Co are happy to offer a partial refund or a gift card to the value of 50% of your original booking amount, or you may reschedule your booking to another class in the future, where possible. Remember, dear artist, we're here to make your artistic journey a joyous one, from start to finish. So don't hesitate to reach out, whether it's for a refund, rescheduling, or even just to share your artistic triumphs. We're your creative allies!
  • How to your term classes work?
    Our term classes run for a school term, typically ten (10) weeks. In that time, we aim to create four unique projects (for our art classes), using different mediums and techniques. This allows our artists to dabble in a little bit of everything to see what they love or don't gel with. You take your projects home once they are complete and there is no time frame to complete a project in a certain time frame. Each artist keeps working on their project until they are happy to move to the next. Whilst you are in a class, our goal is to give one on one guidance to each artists as everyone has different skills, talents, confidence and as such, you will always need a little coaching, tips, pep talk, general chat or guidance on where to go next.
  • Refunds
    As per our cancellation policy, we require 48hrs notice to refund a paid session. These refunds are processed through our booking system and then through a payment portal (Payrix). If Faire & Co have to cancel a session for any reason, we will offer you a few options: Move your booking to another date/time. Credit your account so you can use the funds for a future class / booking. Refund the full amount. Refunds can take between 7-10 business days to hit your account. Faire & Co have no control over the length of time it takes to hit your account. Once we process it through our booking system (iclasspro), they forward to the payment portal and then they process it. If you refund takes longer than 7-10 business days from the date of refund, please get in touch. We have to lodge a claim with our payment portal, who then investigates the transaction and if they say its been processed through their system, they issue an RT Transaction number which you can send to your bank to chase further.
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