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All the juicy info about our parties is heading to your inbox.  So what happens now?

Once you have read through our party flyer and you think we are the right fit for your party, you can head to our online booking page to book your party.

Party Decorations

Lock in your date!

Only once you have locked in your party date and time, we need you to complete our questionnaire we can customise some project options for your child.

Once your party is booked, you can then submit so we can get to work on creating a memorable project that perfectly suit the party person!


Booked Your Party?

We pride ourselves on creating parties that are completely unique to our party person, so in order to customise the party project just for your child, please complete the details below with as much information as possible!


We will then send through three to four project options for your child to choose from.

Thanks, we will get onto it!


Feel free to create your own invitations using our template.

We also have a party toolkit to help make your birthday even more special.

Head here to see whats on offer.

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Did you know that all the photos and videos we take of your child on the day are sent to you via a drop box link after the party so you don't even need to think of capturing the memories, we have that covered.

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