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Cloud Dough Recipe

How to Make Natural & Non-Toxic Cloud Dough for Sensory Play

Looking for a fun, safe, and non-toxic activity to keep kids entertained? Look no further! Our Cloud Dough Recipe is the perfect solution. Made with simple, natural ingredients, this recipe is easy to follow and provides hours of sensory play.

Whether you're a parent looking for things to do with cornstarch or someone interested in organic Playdough recipes, this guide has you covered.

Sensory play is a crucial part of childhood development. It helps children explore their senses, develop motor skills, and engage in creative play. However, many store-bought playdoughs and slimes contain harmful chemicals. If you're wondering how to make a non-toxic slime or playdough, you're in the right place. Our Cloud Dough Recipe is not only safe but also incredibly easy to make with ingredients you probably already have at home. This natural and non-toxic playdough is perfect for parents who want a safe alternative for their kids.

Why Choose Natural & Non-Toxic Playdough?

Choosing natural and non-toxic playdough ensures that your children are not exposed to harmful chemicals. Cornstarch and scented conditioner are the primary ingredients in this recipe, both of which are safe and gentle on the skin.

Plus this Cloud Dough Recipe can be customized with food coloring to make it even more fun and engaging for kids. It's a great way to utilize common household items like cornstarch, making it an economical and environmentally friendly choice.

Cloud Dough Recipe


  • 2 heaping cups cornstarch

  • 1 cup scented conditioner

  • Food coloring (optional)

Instructions to make PlayDough:

  1. Measure and add your cornstarch to a large mixing bowl.

  2. Measure your conditioner and pour it into the bowl of cornstarch.

  3. Use a long spatula to mix the two ingredients together until it gets hard to mix.

  4. Use your hands to finish kneading the dough together. One way to do this is to put it all in a gallon zipper seal bag and continue kneading it.

  5. Add food coloring if desired, and knead until the color is evenly distributed.

  6. Now it’s ready for play!

Note: This is a craft activity and is not for consuming (eating). It’s just for playing with!

Cloud Dough Recipe

How do I make cloud dough?

Cloud dough is a fun and easy sensory activity that can be made at home with just a few simple ingredients.

To make cloud dough, simply combine the Cornstarch and conditioner in a bowl and mix them together until the mixture resembles soft, moldable dough. You can adjust the ratio to achieve the desired consistency.

Once mixed, cloud dough can be shaped, molded, and played with like traditional modeling clay.

What are the 2 ingredients in cloud dough?

The two main ingredients in cloud dough are:

Cornstarch: Cornstarch serves as the primary ingredient in cloud dough, providing its soft and powdery texture.

Scented Conditioner: Scented conditioner is used to bind the cornstarch together and add a pleasant fragrance to the cloud dough. The conditioner also helps give the dough its moldable consistency.

These two ingredients are combined to create a sensory play material that is soft, moldable, and fun to manipulate.

Can you make cloud dough with plain flour?

Yes, you can make cloud dough with plain flour. All-purpose flour serves as the base ingredient for cloud dough and is commonly used in recipes. Whether you use regular all-purpose flour or gluten-free flour, you'll still be able to create a soft and moldable dough-like consistency when combined.

How long does homemade cloud dough last?

Homemade cloud dough can last for several weeks if stored properly. To prolong its shelf life, store cloud dough in an airtight container or resealable bag when not in use to prevent it from drying out or becoming contaminated. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Over time, the texture of cloud dough may change slightly, becoming drier or more crumbly. If this happens, you can revitalize the dough by kneading in a small amount of additional oil until it regains its soft and moldable consistency.

Cloud Dough sensory play

Benefits of Sensory Play

Sensory play with materials like cloud dough can be highly beneficial for children. It enhances fine motor skills as they squeeze, roll, and shape the dough. The soft, squishy texture provides a calming sensory experience that can help reduce stress and anxiety in children. Moreover, incorporating colors can stimulate visual senses, making it a multi-sensory activity.

Incorporating natural and non-toxic materials into your child's playtime is a simple yet effective way to ensure their safety and health. This Cloud Dough Recipe is an excellent way to engage children in sensory play without exposing them to harmful chemicals. It's easy to make, budget-friendly, and provides endless fun. So next time you're looking for things to do with cornstarch or wondering how to make a non-toxic slime, remember this Cloud Dough Recipe.

Give it a try and watch your child's creativity and sensory skills flourish!

Remember, sensory play is not just about fun; it's about learning and development. Happy crafting!


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