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Just Hanging Around

Do, if like us, you have hundreds of pieces of art that you don't know what to do with, we have a solution!

For a while now we have used the Artrack Gallery Hanging system at work and at home, and we are lucky enough to stock them in-store and online now!

These 2m long babies, hang under your cornice, so you can hardly see it!. Then you add your nylon cables to the track and position them wherever you like.

All it takes then is to add hooks and your framed artwork and whaaaalaaaaaa, you have the most gorgeous gallery wall right before your eyes!

Say goodbye to screws in the wall and 3M strips falling off your wall and smashing your frames and hello to moveable artwork, whenever you like with no power tools or fuss.

You can buy in our online store (pickup only) or in the studio



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