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You may have heard of our R E V I V A L workshops, these workshops are all about taking an old craft and reviving it with a modern twist.

Today we had the pleasure to revitalise embroidery at our Workshop at Kalamunda Central Shopping Centre.

Embroidery is so easy to start, we have included a bunch of free patterns that you can download from beginner to advanced. Find the one that tickles your fancy and get started.

1. DMC Baby! - Yep, these are the makers of most of the thread you buy, so they are the experts in all things embroidery. These guys have hundreds of free patterns, just choose your fav, print out and get stitching.

2. For the Makers - This Geometric Stellar Embroidery is super quick and easy but so beautiful in its simplicity.

3. Lolli & Grace - If you struggle to keep those maiden hair ferns alive (like i do), this is the next best thing!

4. Senorita Lylo - you normally have to purchase her patterns, but this lady is a bundle of colour when it comes to stitching. Find her free pattern here.

5. Craftsy - not so much a pattern but great advice on how to stitch letters, very handy!

We took our inspiration from some of our fav's:


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