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Back from holidays and getting through the bajillion loads of washing that needs to be done and I love recapping the year.

So many amazing people through the studio doors, the honour of celebrating so many birthday parties, hen's parties, date nights and friend nights and, most importantly, the joy of watching our artist's confidence grow throughout the year and seeing how they started and where they ended up in their creative processes.

2023 brings so much more, opening our North Perth studio for Term One, is soooooo exciting and scary but it just means we can help so many more people unlock their creativity by trusting the process.

Side Note: The coffee is potentially an understatement, but I am downplaying them for health purposes!


Are you willing to give a class a go this year?

Start a new hobby?

Unlock that creativity you had so many years ago or try to see what's lurking inside?

Allow you/your child the opportunity to create without pressure or pre-conceived outcomes, just enjoying the process and seeing what happens?

We will be open this Saturday, 7th Jan for the Kalamunda Artisan Markets - a chance for you to ask questions, see what all the fuss is about, try some free crafts and, as soon as North Perth is up and running, we will run an open day/s there too, so everyone can see if our studio is a fit for them.

You can book all our classes at or send us an email or call us for more information.


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