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What is Process Art?

We bang on about process art, all day, every day, at Faire & Co, so probably best to let you know what is actually means and how it can work for you!

Process art is about the method behind the creation and allowing you, or your child, to explore art in an open-ended, unstructured way. Children are naturally drawn to art. For them it is a form of expression as they explore materials and uncover possibilities. As adults we need to re-ignite our creativity spark and process art is the best way to do that.

So what we are encouraging in our studio, is the ability to forget about the stereotypes of creating and whether you are a "good artist", or not. We want to you to just try, experiment, have fun, enjoy the process and trust that it may not always look like you wanted it to look, but the experience of the process has taught you something.

That lesson could be that watercolour isn't your thing, or that watercolour is so free flowing and peaceful, that you could move that paint around the page all day. Either way you have trusted in the process and spent time creating.

Because we focus on the process, rather than the outcome, everyone's art is inherently unique, so you can't compare yourself to the person working next to you. You can certainly learn from them, share ideas, but your art will never be an identical copy and that is where confidence is boosted, community is formed and fun is had.

Whether it’s a drawing, a painting, or a craft, the act of creativity is a way to escape, for a little while, the stresses of the day. Artists talk about entering “the zone” or having “flow”– that Zen-like space where your brain stops whirling and worrying about all the minute details of your day and simply focuses on one thing.

It’s like meditation, but with something tangible to show for it at the end!

Creativity also has an added benefit: it is crucial for your child’s development.

Child experts agree, fostering creativity is a vital aspect of learning and growth. A further upside is that art is beneficial to you too!

So, next time your child says they are bored, get out some paper and pencils, or paint, and give them a topic and see what they create.

Love Fay x


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