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Every queen needs a crown and these ones are super easy to make! All you need is access to some gorgeous blooms, tie wire and ribbon.

First up let your prince or princess collect a bunch of flowers from your garden (or the grandparents, as their roses are normally prize winning!)

Using a pair of sharp scissors or secateurs snip the stems off to just below the flower petals.

Cut a length of tie wire to approximately 30cm long (we got ours from Bunnings, but you could get it at any nursery).

Hook one end over onto itself and twist the end over the length to form a circle.

This will hold your ribbon.

You will need to repeat this on the other end of the wire once your flowers are attached.

Now lay out your flowers in the order you would like to see them on your flower crown and start threading them onto the wire.

Once all your flowers are threaded onto your wire you can create another circle, as above.

Now thread your ribbon into the wire circles.

You are ready to present the crown to your kind or queen! These crowns will last in the fridge for up to three days. Just place in a freezer back and spritz with water.

Kids Flower Crown
Simple Flower Crown made for a Queen

Make one for yourself today!


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