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QUEEN for the DAY

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, so why not get the kids to create a crown for the Queen of your family. It’s a simple craft project which kids of all ages can help with. Let your Mum be the Queen and the rest of the family can join royalty this Sunday and treat ‘Her Royal Highness’ like the real queen she is!

Head into Livingston Marketplace to pick up all your materials, we love exploring Red Dot and Big W for all their craft supplies, as well as grab our breakfast cereal from Woolworths, so you can use the cardboard to make a sturdy crown!


  • A4 Paper or Cardboard (or use our template)

  • Pencils or Textas

  • Scissors

  • Stickers or Jewels

  • Washi Tape*

  • Stapler (optional)

  • Glue

  • Pom Poms


Step 1: Print out a copy of our crown template or free hand on your paper or cardboard. Cut out two crown pieces using scissors.

Step 2: Put the two crowns together. Secure with tape/staples, in addition to the built in locking system.

Step 3: Decorate and adorn your crown with embellishments.

Step 4: Add the washi tape around the base of your crown to secure and glue the pom poms to the front crown points.

Step 5: Measure your crown against your head and tape/staple to fit.

Place your crown upon your Queen’s head and make sure she is treated like royalty for the whole of Mother’s Day (but don’t let it get to her head!!).


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