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Summer Sun ....

For the last week in summer, we decided it was time to brighten up our day before the dark evenings set in and the cold weather hits. What better way to do this than create our own ray's of sunshine.

Our Toddler groups had a ball making their own sun's in class this week, here is how we did it, if you want to try at home.

Raid your home for supplies, you will need:

- Paper Plate

- paint, crayons, pencils or textas : in YELLOW of course!

- A4 paper (we had yellow paper in the studio so we used that which made things a lot easier)

- Scissors

- Stapler or glue or sticky tape

- You will need a pom pom, googly eyes and a pop stick (if you don't have these at home, just use your imagination and see what you can (if all else fails, draw/paint them on).


1. Paint or colour in your paper plate yellow, leave to dry (or do like we do - because we are impatient - and use a hair dryer).

2. Cut your A4 paper into strips to make the rays (if you don't have yellow paper, again just paint or colour the page in before you cut).

3. Gently fold each strip in half and staple to your paper plate.

4. Glue or draw on your nose, eyes and mouth.

5. Glue on your pop stick as your holder or if you had an old spoon you could tape it on.

Go outside and soak up your rays!

Kids will love this one. We hung all our creations on the studio window, how lovely does it look!


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