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The Golden Oldies!

The best part of my childhood was time spent with my Nan (good ole Nellie Bailey), she used to teach us so many awesome arts and crafts, how to cook a roast, or make a tomato and cheese sandwich just right, propagate roses using a stone (that's right, my friends a stone!) and so much more.

I just wish she could have been around when my minis were born as I know they would have loved her just as much as I did.

Nellie was the life of the party, cheeky, sassy, funny, smart and my world. The first person we drove to when we all got our drivers licence was my Nan's house. Every Saturday we would take her grocery shopping and she loved every minute of it. When she left us ... it hit hard!

Now when I speak to my friends and people I meet through the studio, many people don't spend that time with their grandparents or can't. The seniors I meet tell me how lonely they are and that they don't have much to do except watch telly.

That got me thinking, I have a creative studio, I love arting and crafting, I love kids and I love the golden oldies, so why not create a program for them.

I have been to see Federal Minister for Aged Care, Ken Wyatt and he a real advocate for eradicating loneliness in our seniors, he wants to help and you can too!

Tell you parents, grandparents, your elderly neighbours, people you regularly see about town to get out and get creative, you don't need any experience and what's best, is you can join in too, your kids can join in, doesn't matter if they are a toddler, child or teen, everyone wins.

We get to hear the best stories from years of experience, learn things they did as children or made as adults and in general brighten their world once a week!

These intergenerational classes allow these seniors to create something they can be proud of, use as a talking point to any carers or visitors they may get, it brings them confidence and makes them feel wanted and relevant.

Our art and craft classes are based in Kalamunda but we want to bring them to your retirement village or community centre, so speak up and see if we spread the love further!


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