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Faire & Co was born in 2016, when our founder Fay Valli, needed a place to sell tee's she was screen printing to raise money for Children's Leukaemia Research after a friend's son was diagnosed at the age of 3 years old.

The studio came to be because the tee's were flying out the door and we needed somewhere for people to try them on and store them.  Fay filled the store with other small business products, as well as the tee's and with a toddler and young baby at home, Fay had to entertain both babes whilst at the studio and that's how our Pee Wee sessions started.  As more people witnessed Fay crafting with her own kids in the studio, they asked to join the sessions and from there it just grew!

The process became the focus, because so many people where telling Fay they weren't good at art, or "couldn't draw a straight line" and it made Fay sad that these people were missing out because a lack of confidence, self belief and intimidation from the art world.

Cut to today, where the studio focuses more on classes and less on retail, focusing on the process of creating rather than the end result.  Our team is growing constantly, finding like minded, fun creatives who know that just the act of creating can have a huge impact on people.

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Our aim is to bring colour, fun and creativity into everyone's life!

"Our mission is to unlock the creativity hiding inside us all and not allowing doubt, pressure, or negativity hold us back from enjoying the process and, most of the time, loving the end result". - Fay Valli


What's in a Name?

So, we get asked this all the time, why Faire & Co.  Well ... Fay's name means fairy, so when she was looking for business names that meant to make and play, she found a French word, "faire" which translated to do, make, work, take and play - that name was a perfect match and because it could be read as "fair" or "fairy", it was spot on.

Why Process Art?

Process Art nurtures social and emotional health, reinforcing such skills as relaxation, focus, self-esteem and emotional sharing.  It helps to build such cognitive skills as comparison, prediction, planning and problem-solving

What is Process Art?

Process art is about the method behind the creation and allowing you, or your child, to explore art in an open-ended, unstructured way.


Children are naturally drawn to art. For them it is a form of expression as they explore materials and uncover possibilities.


As adults we need to re-ignite our creativity spark and process art is the best way to do that.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.