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A process art studio for all ages

With process art, you don’t need to be “arty” or “creative” or any of those things, you just need to join in.  Which is why we offer workshops and classes to all ages.  Process Art has an emphasis on the process of creating, not the end result. It doesn’t even matter what the end result looks like, and therein lies the beauty.  There is no pressure and there is no perfect.


Our workshops and classes, located in Perth, Western Australia are all about the experience of joining in.  Raising or reinvigorating creative thinkers who explore their world, express their dreams, embrace differences, and never lose touch with their inner artist. Our art classes suit toddlers (pee week), children (juniors), teens and adults, we also run perth school holiday program for kids, hens parties, baby showers, corporate events, team building and birthday parties for all ages.

Because there is no pressure in our classes, we promise a relaxed, creative, inspiring place to create, with banter, laughs and fun.  Without even knowing it, you or your child will find the groove and surprise yourself with the confidence you find in just giving it a go and being open to learning something new.

Kids Birthday Parties

The Best Way to 


Join us for your birthday party, hens night, baby shower, corporate function or team bonding.

Deb Smith

Wonderful afternoon in a small group setting to learn Macrame. Lovely teacher with an awesome quaint studio with the added bonus of good coffee (champagne for some ) and a delicious grazing platter. Highly recommended - will be back for another lesson!

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