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personal instruction and thoughtful lessons

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Whether you're a kid, an adult, or someone in between, our private art classes are just what you need to spark that creative flame. Imagine having a blast while learning new techniques, refining your skills, or even crafting the perfect art portfolio for that specialist program you’ve got your eye on.

How It Works

Picture this: one-on-one sessions tailored just for you. You get to learn at your own pace, explore your favorite mediums, and discover new ones with the guidance of our super friendly and talented instructors. It’s all about having fun and growing as an artist!

Got dreams of joining a specialist art program? We’re here to help make that dream a reality. From selecting your best pieces to presenting them in a way that stands out, we’ll be with you every step of the way to create a portfolio that truly shines.

Each session is a relaxed and fun hour and a half long, right here in the Perth Hills.  

$105 per 1.5hr session - additional participants can join at $45 per person, at your request.

So, what do you say? Let’s get those creative juices flowing and make some art magic together!

"Maddi helped with our last minute scramble to put together our daughters art portfolio as part of her  application to the GATE Program.  We couldn't have done it without her!

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Jess M.

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