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Fill your pupil free days with Process Art!

You know those pesky pupil free days that just pop up when you least expect it, always on the days you have to work, so you scramble trying to find someone to watch the kids, or work from home (which you know won't achieve anything) or just take a day of leave, well we have an idea!


We have a huge studio with a tonne of arts and crafts goodies, so why don't we open for process art sessions on pupil free days.

We will still be running our normal classes, so we have decided we will section off our retail store and dedicate that to process art on pupil free days.

With every school having different days off, we need you guys to help us setup a schedule of dates, so we can arrange our team to work.

So hit us up with your dates and the process will go something like this:

Thanks for registering, we will get in touch if we open for Pupil Free Frustrations on that day.

Register your pupil free days here

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