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This week we start a few projects with sun clay (or air dry clay). Not only is it an amazing medium to work with, it has some major therapeutic benefits.

  1. Clay acts as a relaxant, similar to a stress ball.

  2. Touching clay induces stimulating neural in-put from your sensory senses.

  3. Levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, have been known to lower when playing with, moulding and squeezing clay.

  4. Using your hands releases a calming effect as cognitive processing occurs whilst moulding and forming clay.

  5. Playing with clay can transform an individual into a relaxed meditated state.

  6. Clay as a form of therapy taps into the unconscious mind and its considered art expression.

  7. The resistance of working with clay integrates mental, emotional and kinaesthetic brain functions.

  8. Hands on art is now a form of self car, similar to exercising.

  9. At a young age, playing, touching, forming and modelling clay is considered active learning.

  10. Playing with clay can relieve stress for kids.

Come and join us for our clay projects, head to our Book Online section of our website.


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