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For the Love of Dolls

We spent five hours of the school holidays making our own fabric dolls each. Inspired by a bunch of fabric dolls we found on #pinterest shown above.

Each child designed their doll, outfit, accessories, hair colour and then set about cutting patterns, fabric, wool and felt.

It was a long process and all the while, children learnt basic hand and machine sewing skills. They learnt that in order to make clothing, they needed to ensure they had enough room to first stitch and then turn out their creations, so the garment would still fit.

Once the girls had the basics down pat, we couldn't stop them wanting to make more outfits, only time stopped us.

So here are a few that we made on the holidays, good news is, we are creating them again in our Design + Create + Take classes on Wednesday afternoons at 4.45pm. Classes start tomorrow afternoon and we can't wait to see who is made.

Each child will make two dolls, a set of sisters or best friends all designed straight from their imaginations.


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